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I simply just started by watching Sun in 9th house which is my placement and i was quite shocked that she could tell so much about me just by one planet placement and without even seeing my whole chart … i was really impressed by that ….. i have a collection of horoscopes which is my hobby then i took it out and matched her views what she says in videos with the horoscopes i was really amazed that she was able to define each person so accurately ….. then i decided that i should take consultation from her … she did gave me consulation and i must say she was very spot on … she could even say just by seeing chart what even ur closest people will not know abt u ……was very satisfied with her consultation and anybody who wants a precise consultation should contact her as i did ….  Akhil Nair


Watched your videos of moon in 6th house and sun in 9th house. These are my placements and i could relate to so many things which you described. Keep sharing your knowledge.  ….  Shwetanshu Srivastava 

Accurate prediction Highly recommended Astrologer… Sudeep Sinha

It is effective, & useful. Remedies are simple to perform. Details are monitored closely for remedies. Its nice to join here... Nikhil Rai Nikk

 Highly Recommended Blessed Astrologer personality with Divine Attire!! .. Sumit K Bhaatt

She predicted a date for my Problems solution and u no what it was the exact date I got my work done
Excellent prediction👌👌✌ … Sweeti Uppal Kapoor

Hats off to your reading and they are so accurate. It was really helpful, the way you interpret things so easily and giving deep insight of life through this divine knowledge.
Highly recommended.
Thanks a lot for giving me your time… Vishal Rastogi

She is calm, helping nature and having good knowledge of astrology…she has give me exact few remedies after analyze my chart. She is genuine. I wish a bright future ahead.. thanks
warm regards.. Vandna Kashyap

Thanks Shiv Astrology fr telling me about my life including both future and past.. 😊.. Shivam Diwan

Thank u dear for ur valueable time n readings..have a very vast knowledge n provides precise predictions… i wish u all d best…go ahead …. Gitika Adhikari



I have taken the predictions from pankhuri what i found that the girl is having a depth, knowledge in astrology.
People can surely relay on her for prediction… Ameya Sharma



She gave simple solutions for my problems and predicted some date..she has a good knowledge of astrology and I hope from her solutions will benefit.. Asshok D Mittal



Thank you Pankhuri Verma mam for your time and helpful reading… No one knows about future but some get blessings from the god and i guess u are one of them…. Helps others in making their ways… Thank you so much and bless you 🙏




Thank you so much ma’am for your valuable reading. It’s so accurate for me n my life situations. You have good knowledge of astrology n palmistry sciences. It’s a precious gift of god for helping n guiding people in trouble. Keep the good work going. Thanks a lot once again. Stay blessed ! 


Concise and precisely to the point. Best part she doesn’t rush things to conclusion..Praveen Kumar


Thanks to Pankhuri ji..for analysis of my birth chart and giving valuable suggestions …Viru Rathod


Hi mam thank you very much for my daughter career guidance. It’s so nice..again thanks and also tell that being a a daughter.. You are the best astrologer. Singer,as it’s lead our society that beti bachhavo, beti padhvo..activity of our great PM narendra modijiji theory… Keep it up….I pray God as fulfilment of your dram and life ,,I also thankful of your parents as you are being a beti..fame and goodluck of your parents…jai sainath… Zinkle Limbad 


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Whatever she told me was accurate, and all her remedies were very effective. I was told that I was manglik by another astrologer, so I had to consult an astrologer for foretelling my future. She took my birth date and told me all the major things about my personal and health life. She has prescribed me certain solutions and they all have helped me improve a lot in controlling my anger, and in dealing with my professional as well as personal life. I received perfect advice from her and I found her charges completely worth it !! … deepak

Satisfied with her services ____ had consulted her on the phone for my family…she listened to my concerns actively..made me feel comfortable.. And advised me affordable and effective remedies..and I can see the improvement already..the prices are also very affordable and lower than other astrologers.. Would certainly recommend her !! .. sakshi

She is such a nice person who guided me well…I felt at ease when I discussed all my problems with her…She used Kundli method for making predictions. I found her charges really reasonable as well…Her dedication and vast knowledge are the reasons why I hired her in the first place… Sankalp

She is a genuine astrologer who always makes accurate predictions using Kundli method… I have taken consultation regarding career and education. I found her suggestions really helpful …Thanks a lot 🙂 … shikha

Pankhuri Verma is a very gud astrologer…She gives concrete predictions and advice…she doesn’t force anyone to do anything like to sell his gems and stones and all that…Stop relying on fake astrologers…if you genuinely need some advice on any issues…go to Pankhuri Verma…..Best Astrolger.. Sakshi Suri