एकादश भाव में स्थित मंगल (Mars in Eleventh House)

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Such individuals are impatient and aggressive in dealing with social groups and issues, Mars in the eleventh house has an obvious level of resentment for the power of the group. Mars’ independent nature clashes with the group centered, cooperative nature of the eleventh house. If the chart holder with an eleventh house Mars can lead the group, they feel satisfied. However, being lost in crowd and following the orders of social institutions causes Mars to get frustrated, angry, and if pushed hard enough, to erupt. Being patient in social groups by waiting in lines or following other protocols can feel torturous to Mars. These persons can easily lose their cool in these situations and speak out in protest to the shock of the group. When allowed to lead, however, Mars in the eleventh house can shine and is often able to achieve a great deal of social change.Such natives have a unique sense of right and wrong, and work hard to change things they see as injustices. With Mars in the 11th house, they utilize their people skills to create a team to correct these injustices. Their ability to bring people together is what drives your humanitarian efforts.

ग्यारहवें भाव में स्थित मंगल आपको धैर्यवान बनाता है। यहां स्थित मंगल आपको खूब घूमने फिरने का मौका भी देता है। आप एक साहसी व्यक्ति हो सकते है और अपने जीवन  में खूब लाभ कमाएंगे। लेकिन आपको गुस्सा बहुत आता होगा  जिस पर नियंत्रण पाना जरूरी है । साथ ही आप कुछ हद तक कटुभाषी भी हो सकते हैं। मेरी सलाह से से अपनी वाणी में मिठास और नियंत्रण लाएं । 

They put all their energy into fixing humanity’s problems. They are always looking at the big picture, finding issues that need to be addressed and researching the best ways to address them.Knowledge is thier biggest weapon, and they know how to use it to their advantage. The Mars in eleventh house astrology predicts that hopes and aspirations are tied into other people’s wants and needs and they are constantly working in a group to figure out what satisfies both.While such natives appear unorganized or scatterbrained at times, those who know you well understand that you have certain priorities that you tend to, while keeping others aside for a different day.

मित्रों के सहयोग से आप अपनी इच्छाओं को पूरा कर पाएंगे लेकिन आपके मित्रों से आपकी लड़ाईया भी चलती रहेंगी ।  आपके मित्रों की संख्या कम होगी लेकिन जितने भी होंगे आपके लिए सहयोगी रहेंगे। आप अपने  गुरुजनों का बहुत सम्मान करते हैं। आपके स्वभाव में राजसी गुण भी पाए जाएंगे। अर्थात आप अपने आपको किसी राजा की तरह ही समझेंगे।

For such natives their friends and family are not always top priority, and they can feel left out if they are trying to spend time with you. But you always come back after a period of reflection and attempt to strengthen the bonds with your loved ones whenever they feel slighted.The only thing you have to be careful of is overwhelming other people with these concerns. Not everyone wants to save the world- some people simply want to live in it. So learn to dial it back a bit when someone tells you they need to sit back and relax.With Mars in the 11th house, the thing that drives you most is solving problems.  You like to go against the grain and be unpredictable, which makes you a very interesting person to be around.

पंचम भाव पर इस मंगल की  दृष्टि होने के से  ग्यारहवें भाव में स्थित मंगल आपको संतान से संबंधित परेशानियां दे सकता है जैसे कि संतान के पैदा होने में देरी  या गर्भपात जसी स्थितियां भी आ सकती हैं। आपकी वाणी काफी कठोरता सकती है और आपकी रुचि मांसाहार में भी हो सकती है। आपके बडे भाई बहन चिडचिडे हो सके है पर वे ऊर्जावान होंगे।

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दशम भाव में स्थित मंगल (Mars in Tenth House)


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An individual with mars in 10th house it means its position is in the house of public image, which makes the natives of this positioning very reluctant about their career. They prefer being boss rather than being an executive for putting the things in order and also getting them done on time. They prefer working independently and alone as they have strong will to succeed in their ventures. Their practicality and positive attitude gives them success in everything they do. Such natives tend to put in lot of energy in their career objectives as they are ambitious and wish to be on top in their field. 
दशम भाव में मंगल होने से उम्र के सत्ताइसवें या अट्ठाइसवें वर्ष में आपको कुछ विशेष उपलब्धि मिलती है। यहाँ का मंगल आपके छोटे भाई बहनों के लिए अधिक शुभ नहीं होता । मंगल की यह स्थिति आपके माता के स्वास्थ्य में भी कुछ कमी दे सकती है साथ ही आपके और आपके जीवन साथी की विचारधाराओं में अंतर भी हो सकता है। आपके पास विभिन्न प्रकार के वाहन होंगे और आप उनका सुख और लाभ उठाएंगे। लेकिन मंगल की यह स्थिति संतान के दृष्टिकोण से ठीक नहीं होती है।आप एक सफल व्यक्ति हैं परंतु सिर्फ अपने आप तक ही सीमित रहना उचित नहीं होगा आपको सबके साथ मिलजुलकर रहना चाहिए । दशम भाव में मंगल होने पर व्यक्ति को अपने जीवन काल में पैतृक सम्पति नहीं बेचने चाहिए यदि एक बार आपने बेचनी शुरू कर दी तो धीरे धीरे सब ख़त्म हो जाएगा। 
Such individuals believe in avoiding conflicts as they are likely to indulge in arguments with boss and co-workers over petty issues.Such person might also face issues with their parents.People with mars in 10th house are eligible for taking up any type of occupation, but they prefer taking up law as their   profession not importantly lawyer only but joining police force also. They long for profession that  particularly involves law enforcement and arguments.Now,this position of mars denotes their hunger for status as they mainly focus on their career. Their strong desire to achieve a top status in society attracts them to the fields of politics and military.They tend to get influenced by their powerful position and don’t even make any effort for giving values to the human concerns. They get involved in humanitarian matters only if the sensitivity traits are highlighted in their chart through any other planet. 
आपको बडे पद और प्रतिष्ठा की प्राप्ति हो सकती । आप बहुत ही कम उम्र में अच्छी ख्याति प्राप्त कर सकते है।  आप अपने परिश्रम के बल पर अपनी मनोकामना को पूरा कर हैं । आप को अपने आप पर भरोसा होता है यही कारण है कि आप  जिस क्षेत्र में कार्य शुरू करते है वहां पद और प्रतिष्ठा प्राप्त करते है। आप काम  के प्रति एकदम गम्भीर होते है और यदि कोई काम के प्रति गम्भीर नहीं है तो आप उससे  पसंद भी नहीं करते । काम के समय मजाक आपको बिल्कुल पसंद नहीं है।ऐसा जातक अपने जीवन में अधिकारी बनता है यदि अधिकारी नहीं बन पाता तो वह अपने परिवार और आस-पास के समाज पर अधिकारी की भूमिका के रूप में कार्य करने की भरपूर कोशिश करता है और सफल भी होता है। 
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नवम भाव में स्थित मंगल (Mars in Ninth House)


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m9 2

This individual is highly independent, open-minded, and loves few things more than the challenge of an intelligent debate. And while they are open-minded, they do tend to dismiss too quickly the opinions of others, causing the native to appear cynical or self-righteous, particularly due to their propensity towards bluntness and being too honest. While some persons admire and are attracted to this trait, others are turned off by it.  Willing to go to great lengths to fight for a cause, the person with the 9th house mars has a tendency to become fanatical in their beliefs.  
यहां स्थित मंगल आपको कुछ हद तक अभिमानी बना सकता है। आपमें अपेक्षाकृत क्रोध अधिक मात्रा में होगा लेकिन मंगल की तही स्थिति आपको कोई नेता या बडा अधिकारी भी बना सकती है। हांलाकि यह स्थिति मेहनत के अनुसार कम लाभ दिलाती है। कभी-कभी यह स्थिति आप ईर्ष्यालु भी बना सकती है।
m9 3
The native with this Mars placement loves traveling and new adventures, and also welcomes change. They are energetic and playful. An interesting Mars-in-Ninth trait is a distinctive laugh; many times it’s like a hearty or throaty chuckle, a contagious type of laugh which causes others to laugh just by hearing it. And therefore,such native does have a wicked sense of humor and is drawn to people who make them laugh as well. This individual is quite enthusiastic about life, with a half-full glass of optimism and a witty remark or comeback always at the ready. When the native pursues higher education, they will almost certainly succeed financially or attain some sort of honor because of it.
हो सकता है कि आपको अपने पिता के कारण कुछ विषम परिस्थियों से भी गुजरना पडे। आपके पिता और छोटे भाई का स्वभाव से रूखे और गुस्सैल हो सकता है। आपके जीवन काल में कुछ कानूनी अडचने भी आ सकती हैं। आप लिए लम्बी और समुन्दर पार की यात्राएं फायदेमंद नहीं रहेंगी। आपके मित्रों की संख्या भी बहुत अधिक नही होगी। लेकिन आप अपने मित्रों में श्रेष्ठ होंगे।
m9 3
With natal Mars in 9th house, such person loves a good debate, and can argue with someone over any opinion. He/she defends their beliefs well, but need to watch for being overly preachy or aggressive about it.. There’s so much fun to be had and they don’t want to focus on the serious matters.Their energy is for acquiring new knowledge and having new experiences that broaden their mind so you can teach others, and for being as free as possible. Such natives aggressively defend their views on the world; they want to fight for truth and may quite possibly aggressively pursue a degree in higher education. Watch out for legal concerns or people attacking you in legal matters, there is some connection between mars being god of war and the 9th house being legal matters
आपके भाइयों की संख्या अधिक हो सकती है अथवा आप स्वयं पराक्रमी व्यक्ति हो सकते हैं। आपको सोना बेचने से बचना चाहिए, विशेष कर अपने घर में रखे हुए सोने को न बेचें। यथा सम्भव आत्मिक रूप से धार्मिक बने रहना आपके लिए शुभ रहेगा।
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अष्टम भाव में स्थित मंगल (Mars in Eighth House)


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8 1
When Mars is placed in the eighth house, you are a person who has a strong sexual nature.  You often find yourself involved in relationships that are deep and highly sexual. When you bond with someone on a physical level, it can be difficult for you to ever let go of that person. You can become a jealous, angry, obsessive lover and find yourself drawn to unstable, unhealthy relationships.  This individual likes to live on the edge and need to be careful about speeding and becoming involved in accidents.You have intense passions and experience dramatic shifts in emotion that you try to repress. You often fight your intense feelings and try to keep them hidden from others. You need to exercise regularly or have a physical outlet for all of your intense energy. You are vulnerable to illness and disease if you continually repress your emotions, sexual urges, and desires. You need to learn how to have a healthy balance and avoid extremes. Such a person lives life in black and white terms and see issues as good or bad.  You are an “all or nothing” type of person and this can cause problems for you in relationships. 
इस भाव में मंगल की स्थिति आपको बहुत अनुकूल परिणाम नहीं दे पाएगी। यहां स्थित मंगल के कारण आपने अधिकांश मामलों में बाधाएं आएंगी। आपका संवैधानिक पक्ष बहुत अधिक मजबूत नहीं रहेगा लेकिन आपकी विषय वासना बहुत मजबूत बनी रहेगी। यहां स्थित मंगल आपको गुदा संबंधित रोग दे सकता है।आठवें भाव में स्थित मंगल के कारण आप के शरीर में फोडे फुंसी या घाव होने की भी सम्भावनाएं बनी रहेंगी। आपको आग और चोरी की वजह से धन हानि हो सकती है। मंगल की यह स्थिति धन संचय के लिए अधिक अनुकूलता नहीं दे पाएगी। आपकी अमदनी भी बहुत अच्छी नहीं रहेगी।
mars8 2
This is person is intuitive, insightful and have a strong imagination. You are drawn to secrets and are very perceptive. You are interested in digging up secrets, finding missing answers and helping bring the truth out. You have a gift for police and detective work and often work behind the scenes in some way. You have an inquisitive mind and an eye for details that attract you to research.  People are drawn to you for healing and like to share their problems with you. You can become uncomfortable around others and like to be by yourself. You may have conflicts with your family over inheritance, land and the material resources of someone close to you. You can inherit money from your father, grandfather or through a male family member.  You can have special talents in the healing fields such as holistic medicine; massage therapy,  and anything dealing with other people’s resources. You need to feel intensity with others and in your work. If you do not feel deeply connected in your work with others or if you are not able to dig deeply into situations, you can become bored and depressed. You are sensitive to other people’s emotions, especially anger, rage, jealousy and resentment. 
मंगल की यह स्थिति आपके पिता के जीवन के कुछ खतरों की संकेतक हो सकती है। उनके दाम्पत्य जीवन में भी कुछ परेशानिया रही होंगी। आपके छोटे भाई का स्वभाव में गुस्सैल होगा। आपकी वाणी भी कुछ कडवाहट लिए हुए हो सकती है। अत: जहां तक सम्भव हो मीठा बोलें। मंगल की यह स्थिति आपको तेज मिर्च मसाले की बनी चीजों और शराब की ओर भी आकर्षित कर सकती है।
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सप्तम भाव में स्थित मंगल (Mars in Seventh House)

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7 2

Individuals with a 7th House Mars have a social influence that’s sort of like a punch on the arm. In fact, these people might frequently punch you on the arm. Mars is energizing, invigorating, passionate. Therefore, this is what these people are like in their relationships. They force you to go toe-to-toe with them, putting your money where your mouth is.With some 7th House Mars people, this might be perfectly harmless and good-natured. These people are energized by other people. When you’re around them, they want you to bring out their aggressive, competitive side.
सातवें भाव में स्थित मंगल को अच्छे परिणाम देने वाला नहीं माना गया है। यहां स्थित मंगल आपके विवाह में विलम्ब का कारण बनने के साथ ही आपके जीवनसाथी के दु:ख का कारण भी बन सकता है। जीवनसाथी के साथ आपका व्यवहार बहुत सरस नहीं रहेगा। मंगल की यह स्थिति कभी-कभी अलगाव तक की स्थितियां निर्मित कर देती है। 
7 1
On the other hand, Mars can represent how we can get too aggressive. So, it’s not uncommon for those with Mars in the 7th to be too pushy, too competitive, or too hot-headed with other people. It’s very different from a 1st House Mars, who usually just attacks new situations or their environment, in a way that only concerns themselves.But 7th House Mars, when unbalanced, can have a habit of attacking other people. 7th House Mars people hold a sway over others that is rather dominating, even in a positive sense. You can dominate them with your motivating, exciting energy. Things get going when you’re around. In fact, you might not be very fond of just sitting around and doing nothing with other people. You may not have a problem at all being by yourself and doing nothing. However, when you’re with someone else, you want to be where the action is. Relationships are seen as opportunities to tackle challenges and just do things, though the nature and intensity of these activities will depend on the Mars sign.
मंगल की यह स्थिति कभी-कभी ईर्ष्या की भावना भी देती है। मंगल की यह स्थिति बेचैनी और चिडचिडापन देने के साथ-साथ तर्क और बहस करने वाला भी बना सकती है। सफलता के लिए आपको कडी मेहनत करनी पडेगी। आपका धन व्यर्थ के कामों में भी खर्च हो सकता है। 
7 3
The 7th House is all about balance. So, you want someone who can sweat and labor just as much as you do. In fact, Mars in the 7th House is usually going to test the other person and see how they can stand up to them. If they can’t push back effectively, you’re not interested. But, if they give as good as they get, then you’re in. For this reason, you enjoy some healthy arguing in your relationships. 
आपको क्रोध जल्दी आ सकता है। आपकी वाणी कुछ हद तक कठोर हो सकती है। आपको पेट से सम्बंधित कुछ तकलीफें रह सकती हैं। आपको मुकदमेबाजी की वजह से नुकसान सकता है। आपके बडे भाई बहनों का आपके पिता के साथ तनावपूर्ण सम्बंध रह सकता है।
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Workshop on Overcoming a Phobia !



Phobias are a type of anxiety disorder where one have a persistent, irrational or excessive fear of certain things, places or situations, and this fear impacts upon one’s life. There are a number of causes of phobias and the signs of phobias are similar to those of other anxiety disorders. Dont get worried phobias can be effectively treated with professional help.

Causes of Phobia


There are many different things that can cause phobias. Often, if someone has had an experience that has led to the phobia developing. For example, he/she may have been jumped on and knocked over by a dog, and felt very distressed which could lead to a phobia of dogs developing, or been eating a peanut butter sandwich for the first time and felt like they had it stuck to the roof of their mouth and couldn’t breathe – this might create a phobia of peanut butter sandwiches.

Types of Phobia


  1. Fear of being taken away from a safe place – This could mean driving, leaving the house, travelling by bus, train, plane, car, losing your keys that unlock your house, a method of transport breaking down outside of your safe zone.
  2. Fear of being trapped and confined – This phobia often goes together with the phobia above. examples include, meetings, cinemas, Lifts, theme park rides, trains that break down.
  3. Social Fears – Meeting new people, socialising , public speaking, eating in front of others
  4. Fears of Natural Phenomena – Thunder and lightning, storms, water, heights or darkness, the sky
  5. Fears of Health and Illness-Vomiting, hospitals, needles, seeing blood or worry of serious illness.

Overcoming a Phobia


Identify Your fears and face it.

Write down your Goals.

Make a coping strategy.

To know that being afraid is perfectly normal and alright.

 Pics of Workshop on Overcoming Phobias held on 11-6-2017:















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छ्टें भाव में स्थित मंगल (Mars in Sixth House)


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mars 6 2

Working hard comes naturally to those with Mars in the 6th house, and you settle for nothing less than perfection. All of your energy and enthusiasm goes into getting things right, whether or not you work alone or with a team. While your direction is true, your standards are tough.
Your attention to detail is unmatched, and this makes you good at any kind of job. You are disciplined, organized and thoughtful, and you rarely disappoint people with your work. But this is also why you don’t take constructive criticism well. Even if it’s a slight variation that someone else sees as trivial, you take it as an affront to your entire project and all your efforts.

आप अपनी मेहनत से खूब कमाएंगे और आपनी सभी इच्छाओं की पूर्ति करेंगे। आप कुछ हद तक क्रोधी और तीक्ष्ण बुद्धि हो सकते हैं। आपको अपने नौकरों से परेशानी हो सकती है। आप अपने दुश्मनों को कुचलने की ताकत रखते हैं। लोकप्रियता पाने के चक्कर में और जानवरों के द्वारा आपको नुकसान हो सकता है। आपके पिताजी स्वभाव से रूखे गुस्सैल हो सकते हैं।

mars6 3

The Mars in sixth house  suggests that you should try to be less demanding on those around you, friends and family included. Your ideas for perfection do not often gel with other people’s ideas, and you need to be able to compromise sometimes to get things done.You may learn a thing or two from those who have a different area of expertise than yours. In this way you will gain more respect and loyalty. And people will work harder for you if they know how much you appreciate their efforts. Just like you enjoy the praise, so do they. This will create a better working environment, and also build a healthy home life as well.

यहां स्थिति मंगल के कारण आपको फोडे फुंसियों और जलने का भय बना रहता है। मंगल की यह स्थिति आपके मामा या मौसी को भी कुछ नकारात्मक परिणाम दे सकती है। आप बलवान व्यक्ति हैं। कई मामलों में आपका धैर्य प्रसंसनीय रहता है। कभी-कभी आपके खर्चे जरूरत से ज्यादा हो सकते हैं। छठे भाव का मंगल आपके छोटे भाई बहनों के लिए भी शुभफलदायी नहीं होगा।

While you are capable of working in a team, you would rather be in the lead role or working independently. Your standards are so high it’s almost impossible for other people to live up to them.
This is true for your loved ones as well, who often get frustrated when you try to “help” them become better people. Usually they are unaware of the shortcomings you want to fix.But you don’t see it that way. You are simply trying to improve upon someone’s method to make them more efficient, or tap into what you see as underutilized potential. You are also very impatient, which makes working with others a challenge. If you feel they aren’t moving at your speed then you see them as procrastinating or even being lazy. 

mars 6 1

आप एक विवेकवान व्यक्ति हैं। आपके बच्चे जुबान के कडवे हो सकते हैं। अन्य ग्रहों की शुभता पाकर छठे भाव का मंगल आपके पिताजी को भी शक्तिशाली और प्रतिष्ठित बनाएगा। जिसके कारण आपके पिताजी किसी बडे पद पर पदासीन हो सकते हैं।

The Mars in 6th house also shows that you also have a tendency to want most of the credit for a project, because of all the hard work and dedication you gave to it. This can leave the rest of the group feeling used or under-appreciated.Be sure to share the praise and acknowledge the efforts of those who helped. And don’t easily dismiss when others offer their help in the first place. When you are able to work closely with others and get things done, it is a satisfying feeling for everyone involved. There will be less stress on you, less stress on them, and more enjoyment all around.

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पंचम भाव में स्थित मंगल (Mars in Fifth House)


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mars5 3

The 5th House mainly rules for progeny, intelligence, education, capacity and capability for management, administration, faith, devotion, respect towards God  and attitude towards teachers, Gurus and elders in age or wisdom. Though the ancient acharyas have laid down that Mars in 5th house gives 3 sons, but experience shows that it is not so very correct.It does give a male child. Present-day limitations and restrictions on the number of progeny cuts down the total number of progeny, and thus effect of Mars gets reduced. Further Mars itself helps and causes termination of pregnancy ,loss of pregnancy by natural or medical causes.
पांचवे भाव में स्थित मंगल आपमें चंचलता देने के साथ-साथ आपको बुद्धिमान बनाता है लेकिन आपके स्वभाव में उग्रता जल्द ही आ जाती है। यदि आप कुसंगति के स्वयं को नहीं बचाएंगे तो आप भी व्यसनी हो जाएंगे। छल कपट से दूर रहना भी आपके लिए हितकर होगा। आपको पेट से सम्बंधित परेशानियां भी समय-समय पर परेशान कर सकती है अत: खान-पान पर संयम रखना जरूरी होगा।
mars5 2
Mars makes a youngster a ‘hot-shot’ in the classroom but actual performance in formal exams is much below the impressions given by the individual in the classroom. These individuals are normally hard taskmasters, given to discipline and devotion to work on their own part as well as on the part of others, whether subordinate or associated with them.These individuals respect the teachers, gurus and elders so long as they continue to deserve respect. Their faith in God Almighty also fluctuates with their success and failures in life. Since Mars rules the 5th house pertaining to progeny, it naturally rules the menstrual cycle, uterus and allied organs connected with procreation in a female body.
 सट्टे बाजारी के शौक के कारण आपको घाटा भी उठाना पड सकता है। इन कारणों से आप तनावग्रस्त और आक्रामक हो सकते है। हांलाकि आप बुद्धिमान व्यक्ति हैं लेकिन कोई-कोई निर्णय बिना विवेक के भी ले सकते हैं। आपका प्रथम पुत्र बहुत जल्द गुस्सा करने वाला होगा, उसे दुर्घटनाओं और चोट लगने का भय बना रहेगा। कोई संतान अवज्ञाकारी भी हो सकती है।आपकी संतान शल्य चिकित्सा के माध्यम से हो सकती है। आप पेट की तकलीफों और कब्जजन्य रोगों से परेशान रह सकते हैं।  आपको जिम जाना अथवा व्यायाम करना बहुत पसंद होगा।
mars5 1
One of my observation is that if Mars is in a damaging position in the Dwadashansha-chart and is anyway linked with Saturn or Rahu or Uranus in the basic Birth-chart, it can cause cancer of the uterus or adjoining area in the female body. At the same time, Mars in fifth gives annoyance, anger, which are not considered good qualities but which help a person in achieving success in a fight, battle etc.With Mars in 5th house, these men and women are generally good in management and administration, though expertise in marketing depends to a great extent on position and strength of Jupiter. Another point worth note is that Mars gives good or bad results of its position quite often during its mahadasa or its sub-period, though degree of good or bad results depends on relationship between Mars and lord of the mahadasa. Mars in 5th house sometimes makes people mischief-mongers, specially in political or social arena, all the more so if Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius or Pisces is in the 5th House.
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चतुर्थ भाव में स्थित मंगल (Mars in Fourth House)


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mars4 2

An individual with Mars in the 4th house feels touchy, raw and sensitive emotions close to home. Intimate relationships are sometimes volatile as a result and this is a position commonly known to be a particular hothouse. In astrology, the red planet is aggressive, assertive, and dynamic with a host of desires and when placed in the domestic sphere of influence, the individual feels all of this power on an inner level and there is a constant undertone of highly volatile emotions with strikes and breaks in personal relationships. The emotions are powerful and express as intense rage and a fury of feeling.The anger may spill out uncontrollably surprising others within this war-zone, right at home.On the positive side, the person will have a reservoir of energy underneath and it is within their personal abode where they commonly feel the most energized and rather enterprising, however, this needs direction and controlling as it can be a blessing and also a detriment for someone who immediately acts on a feeling. This kind of Mars can be used effectively to achieve one’s goals and there is courage to push through, a fiery seat right in the emotional hub of their being. 
चौथे भाव का मंगल आपको वाहन सुख और संतान का सुख तो देगा लेकिन यही मंगल मातॄ सुख में कमी करेगा। आप अपनी जन्मभूमि या घर से दूर रह सकते हैं। आप विभिन्न माध्यमों से लाभ कमाते रहेंगे लेकिन आग से होगे वाले खतरों का भय आपको हमेशा रहेगा।  साथ ही आप बहुत बढिया घर में निवास करेंगे। 
mars4 1
On a psychological level, the fourth house has to do with our home environment as well as our emotional development and it is here we feel strong psychic ties to family. Many feel their initiative and willpower to be hindered by the family. They are exceptionally sensitive and there is a lot of unconscious moodiness when this pure FIRE planet is placed in a water house. As water houses relate to the emotional and soul level of a person and we are usually conditioned by things that we are completely unaware. The early life may have been filled with fighting, violence and arguments and, therefore, down within the cellar of the unconscious, there is an anger that rises out of control. When Mars falls in the 4th house it can represent a parent that the child always felt they had to compete with and it suggests a domineering, selfish, and self-centered parent. Mars here could show an energetic cleaner – someone who can get a lot of housework done in a short amount of time.
आपकी पैतृक सम्पत्ति खोने का भय भी मंगल की यह स्थिति निर्मित करती है। आप जमीनी विवादों में फस सकते हैं। आपको अपने वैवाहिक जीवन को लेकर भी कुछ चिंताए रह सकती हैं। बडे भाई या बहन लो लेकर आप कोई मूर्खतापूर्ण निर्णय भी ले सकते हैं।
As the 4th house rules one’s ancestors and heritage the imprints leading to the past may show a family steeped in war, fighting for land and property and a warlike and clannish attitude. One’s local neighbourhood, may take on the image of Mars and there could be the noisy and scary youth in the area; there could also be misfortune at home and fights with the landlord. One also has to be careful around fires or accidents at home with this placement as the energy in this area of the chart is intense and burning, but the damage one incurs may only be the odd chip pan fire.Perhaps with Mars placed in this position, the home-life was energetic, filled with bursts of activity which can be emotional or physical; and always robust and active.  
आपके पिताजी को पारिवारिक जीवन में कुछ परेशानियां उठानी पड सकती है। यहां तक कि उन्हें अपने परिवार से अलग भी रहना पड सकता है साथ ही उन्हें आर्थिक हानि भी उठानी पड सकती है। शिक्षा प्राप्ति में भी आपको कुछ व्यवधानों का सामना करना पडेगा। 
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