Philosophy behind Destiny..


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1. Why God created human beings?


God has basically given life in this world in two forms – animals & plants. We, the human beings, come in the category of animals. Scientists say that we people have originated from some species of monkeys. We can say that we are intelligent animals. If we think deeply we can realize that if we were not there on this planet then no significant changes would have been observed on this planet so far. Other animals & plants can’t bring any significant change in this world. So one apparent reason of our creation by God seems to be creation of some change producing agents. God has given us intelligence & special kind of hands & feet to accomplish various tasks in this world which other forms of life can’t. But in Srimad Bhagvad Gita, Lord Krishna preaches Arjuna that you people are just instruments & its me who is doing everything. So never think that you are the doer.

2. No two human beings are alike.


God has made every person unique. God has given every human being a pair of eyes, a pair of ears, a nose, a mouth but interestingly faces of no two human beings are exactly alike. God has given every human being a brain but intelligence level of no two human beings are alike. Type of intelligence is also different in different persons. Some person can be good at sports or athletics… some other can be good at acting. Some other people may have some other sort of intelligence. Some people can be dull mentally but can do physical labour. Some rare people can be genius who can be having multiple type of intelligence like Albert Einstein who was good at Mathematics, Physics as well as playing Music.


Uniqueness of every human being is also quite essential in one sense. Just imagine if every human being becomes an engineer! But then… this world will not be able to progress. Similarly if every human being becomes a medical practitioner! Even then this world will not be able to progress. For the proper progress of this world it is essential that people with all sorts of intelligence take birth. It is very essential that some people should go in farming or agriculture, some other should go in the profession of dairy products, some should go in army, some in teaching, some in various streams of Science & Technology…. and the list is endless. There are so many professions in this world today.

3. Three basic needs of life are…

No… no… not food, clothing & shelter. We don’t consider them as basic needs as they can be bought by spending money. According to us, three basic needs of our life are: – (i) Health, (ii) Finance & (iii) Family Life. Any person would feel painful in the absence of any one or two or all of the three above mentioned needs.

4. What is time?


Time is something which always moves forward & moreover with out any fuel. Time is highly powerful & with the advancement of time, situation or circumstances in a person’s life change & a person observes good or bad phases at different times in life. Different incidents in life at different times make us feel the passage of time.

5. What is life?


Life is a journey from birth to death & in this journey man observes a lot of ups & downs & also experiences various pains & pleasures. The greatest miracle is growth of the body. The body of a newly born child is developed from the sperm of his father in nine months in his mother’s womb. After birth body keeps on growing & pass through various phases from infancy to babyhood to childhood to adolescence to adulthood to middle age & then finally to old age. This makes us feel the passage of time.

6. Activities we do in our lives

There are two types of activities that we do in our lives alongwith the physical growth of our body. One are periodic activities that we do on a daily basis like sleeping for 6-8 hours, bathing, cooking food & taking meals, cleaning utensils, washing clothes, exercising or going for a walk. These activities don’t make us feel the passage of time.


Others are once in a life time like taking admission in a school & then progressing through different standards year by year & then finally going to college for graduation & then for post graduation. After that trying for employment either job or business, betterment in job or business, then trying for marriage with a suitable person, than giving birth to children. Also we try to construct property (purchase of land or flat or constructing a house) or try to gather material assets (vehicles and house hold items) or try to accumulate a good bank balance. Some people try to settle in a foreign land. These activities makes us feel the passage of time.

7. Everybody wants perfection in life


Everybody wants perfection in life. He/She wants a good education, good job or good business & hence good money, good house, good car / bike, a good life partner & a good married life, good children, good health, good bank balance, traveling in different countries. Many people want to live a luxurious life. But unfortunately there is always some lacunae in life or something missing in life which leads to disappointment.

Many people are financially sound & well educated but they are unlucky regarding married life. Either they don’t get married due to their bad luck or they do not find a suitable life partner. Some people find a suitable life partner but they are unlucky regarding financial condition. Some people have good financial condition as well as life partner but either they don’t have children or if they have children then their children are not obedient to them. Some people suffer due to a lot of health problems in life.  Some other are worried because some of their child is not performing well academically, some are worried because they are unemployed or their earning is not quite good. Some are worried because they are still unmarried & they are getting older day by day. Some lacunae is always there in everybody’s life.


Or if a person is happy today regarding every issue than who knows tomorrow or the very next moment his car meets an accident & he gets injured or he gets seriously ill or his spouse or some other dear one becomes ill or injured or dies. Or he loses his job or suffers from a heavy loss in business or becomes bankrupt. If everything is O.K. this moment who knows about the very next moment? Anything can happen!

8. What is destiny?

Destiny mean what Almighty has pre written for our lives. One another definition of destiny can be the circumstances of our lives which are beyond under our direct control.

9. When a person starts believing in Destiny & Astrology?

If a person struggles for a long time regarding some particular issue in life he starts losing hope. A man is after all a man. After continuously trying for a long time if he is unable to achieve his goal then finally a time comes when he breaks down & starts thinking why this is happening only to him & not to many other people? He starts believing in destiny. Or if a person observes highly negative & painful incidents in life one after another, he starts believing in destiny.


People who have always seen good incidents in life & who have not seen much problems in life or who have not struggled much in their lives or who have got the reward of their hard work easily in life, do not easily believe in destiny. They always boast that it is their hard work which has given them success in their life & they call people superstitious who are a believer of destiny. Of course it was their hard work but their destiny was also favouring them. Real struggle means in spite of a lot of hard work if a person is unable to achieve success for a long time or if too many obstructions come in the way to his goal.

11. Can a person achieve success just by the virtue of his Karma?


No. Unless & until the goal of the person for which he is trying hard to achieve is not present in the destiny of the person & the time phase is not conducive, a person can’t achieve success in attaining the goal. In Bhagvad Gita Lord Krishna preaches Arjuna: – “Karmanye vadhikarastey ma phaleshu kadhachan”. It means do your Karma but don’t become so much attached with the fruit. It means even after working hard for some particular goal if you are unable to achieve it then you shouldn’t feel disappointed.

12. Desiring fruit is very essential


Though desiring fruit is very essential because it is only the desire of the fruit which gives direction to a person’s Karma. Unless & until there is no desire…there can not be any Karma. But even after doing Karma there is no guarantee that we’ll be able to achieve our goal. We plan our life in some ways but life has something different in store for we people.

14. Doing Karma is also a necessity in one sense.


Due to the various requirements of our body doing Karma can also be treated as a necessity. There are so many biological processes going on in our body. They require energy. Energy comes from food. To eat food we need money to buy it from the market or to prepare it at home raw material has to be purchased from the market by spending money. To have money we have to work. Body also require clothing & shelter. With the advancement in Science & Technology so many needs have generated. There are so many requirements now for which more money is required. To have more money more work is required on our part.

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